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Get to know Redding's plumbing expert

     Jason Lavoie is a third-generation plumbing contractor committed to protecting the health and safety of the wonderful people of Redding and the surrounding area. 

     Jason's Dad and Grandpa started a plumbing business back in 1969, located in Los Angeles, California, where they trained him and his siblings how to clean drains and provide value to their customers,  through quality plumbing repairs, from the time they were able to carry a flashlight in one hand and a wrench in the other.​

That's over 50 Years of well guided experience passed down to Your New Redding, CA. Plumber, who's going to save the day, with Plumbing repairs, and flowing drains that Actually Last!

      Jason has managed projects both large and small. He is determined to get your job done as efficiently and economically as possible. It's the only way he knows how. He understands that no two jobs or clients are alike, and he’s here to help you accomplish your goals.

      Give us a call, Jason would love to help you with your plumbing needs.

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